A new look, fitting for who we are now…

Thoroughgood Professional Plumbing Services Central Coast NSW

Although Thoroughgood Professional Plumbing Services has been in business for 70 years here on the Central Coast, Brent Thoroughgood has been at the helm for the past 15 years after inheriting the family business from his Father and Grandfather.  It’s been 15 years since our branding was updated as Brent explains… “Now was the right … Read more

The technology you never knew you needed called Pipe Relining

Plumber Pipe Relining fixes leaking pipes

This new technology saves you from having to dig up your building, pathways, floors or ground to repair leaking or broken pipes. It’s called pipe relining. You can save on unnecessary excavation costs and damage to your property with Thoroughgood Professional Plumbing Services conducting pipe relining for you. Thanks to leading technology, we can now … Read more