Plumber Pipe Relining fixes leaking pipes

The technology you never knew you needed called Pipe Relining

This new technology saves you from having to dig up your building, pathways, floors or ground to repair leaking or broken pipes. It’s called pipe relining.

You can save on unnecessary excavation costs and damage to your property with Thoroughgood Professional Plumbing Services conducting pipe relining for you.

Thanks to leading technology, we can now rehabilitate your sewer and stormwater pipework easily with no need to excavate, or damage buildings or surrounding trees.

This means you can enjoy a fast, cost-effective and durable solution without the hassle.

Recently we conducted a pipe relining at Tina and Peter’s house in Green Point on the Central Coast. Tina and Peter had noticed water accumulating on the top of their paved outdoor living area and called Thoroughgood Plumbing to assist.

After conducting a thorough assessment of the environment within which this leak was occurring, a leaking pipe that was set under the concrete foundation and tiled paving was identified.

Watch the video of this 4 hour fix that saved Tina and Peter thousands with no need to excavate their paved outdoor living area.