Thoroughgood Professional Plumbing Services Central Coast NSW

A new look, fitting for who we are now…

Although Thoroughgood Professional Plumbing Services has been in business for 70 years here on the Central Coast, Brent Thoroughgood has been at the helm for the past 15 years after inheriting the family business from his Father and Grandfather. 

It’s been 15 years since our branding was updated as Brent explains…

Now was the right time to address our branding because the business has undergone some significant changes and growth.” explained Brent Thoroughgood.

Firstly, we now have a commercial head office based in Lisarow on the Central Coast NSW (pictured above), along with an increased team of professional Plumbers and an equipped fleet of professional plumbing units to service the entire Central Coast region”. said Brent.

With a fresh new look also comes a new positioning which authentically stands for all that Thoroughgood Professional Plumbing Services embody;

“Protecting Water, Drains & Gas Efficiency”. 

We extend on this message and core reason why we are in business, in a handy communication piece that defines why do business with us! As it turns out, each of the core benefits for our customers starts with the letter P, hence our Plumbing ‘5P’ Rating has emerged.

Along with being professional plumbers we offer: 

  • Prompt service – to emergencies and all our jobs
  • Proactive actions within our service and solutions 
  • Proficient in all that we do
  • Positive attitude, we’ll solve the plumbing problem for you
  • Priceless, because with our services you won’t see ‘your money go down the drain,’ just the water that’s supposed to! 

We welcome your enquiries and our team can provide you with a quote. Contact Us