why you need a plumber, not just a landscaper for work on your property

Your yard needs a Plumber too, not just a Landscaper!

It easy to get caught up in the aesthetic ideas and dreams for your outdoor living spaces, especially a yard renovation!

We agree, there is nothing better than transforming your outdoor living spaces into areas that capitalise on the great Australian climate and indoor/outdoor lifestyle.

For obvious reasons, you engage a Landscaper to assist with your plans…

landscaper 1A landscaper generally has great ideas for optimum aesthetic for garden areas.

Landscapers specialise in outdoor environments, along with grading and shaping the land and gardens. It’s common for landscapers to install drainage as they work on the landscaping features.

But there are pitfalls you can face if you don’t engage a licenced Plumber along with your Landscaper…

plumber groundPlumbers are a wise addition to the collaborative work you get done in your yard. This is because the Landscapers are experts in landscaping and Plumbers are the experts in drainage systems, parts and water management requirements (set by local Council). Not to mention, for the efficacy and longevity of the drainage work done.

As a property owner, there can be obligations you must abide by with regards to how water is managed on your property (including stormwater).

Plumbers understand the whole water management system on your property (including roof guttering and pipelines, underground pipelines, stormwater systems, water mains and sewage system).

A Plumber can advise on the best products and drainage systems to work within your yard in the context of your whole property’s water management.

plumber for drain leaks - Finds underground location A Plumber may save you money when working on your landscaping because they can identify damaged and/or leaking pipes underground and fix them with a process called pipe relining. Therefore, negating the need for expensive excavation and replacement of underground piping (or under concrete slabs/tiling/decking).

Central Coast Council have legislation with regards to how stormwater is managed on your property. In some instances it requires a licenced Plumber to certify any additions/changes to your drainage system.

Our professional plumbing team are happy to assist you with any questions you may have about management of the landscape on your property.

Consider contacting a professional plumber from our Thoroughgood Professional Plumbing Services team.

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