About Thoroughgood Plumbing

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There are plumbers, and then there are plumbers

Thoroughgood Professional Plumbing was established in the 1950s by Ken Thoroughgood, focused on servicing clients around the Central Coast. 

His son Bruce took over the business and continued to grow it. His son Brent proudly leads the team now.

A local family business only succeeds when it consistently offers good customer service and integrity, because everybody knows you,” says Brent.

“Recently I went to a house in Umina to repair plumbing. The lady remembered meeting me, aged five, when I was with Dad.”

Brent Thoroughgood – Managing Director

Brent has worked hard to expand the business beyond the Peninsula to the wider Central Coast, making the most of extremely positive references from clients. From a burst pipe to a leaking hot water service or overflowing toilet – Thoroughgood Plumbing provides repair and maintenance services to dwellings of all kinds. 

The Thoroughgood team is well-presented, polite and professional, leaving your home in tip-top condition with no evidence that plumbers have been (except that your plumbing issues have been fixed). We even fold the toilet paper, hotel-style.

We send clients a GPS link so they can track our progress and know exactly when to expect us. Customers really appreciate being kept informed.

This isn’t glamorous work but when your plumbing needs repairing, you really appreciate having someone do it properly, first time. We love helping people and providing the best service around”, Brent says.

Professional service is the foundation of the business, with the aim of never needing to go back to fix our work,” he said. “We achieve that by understanding exactly what the job will require, thinking outside the square to provide the best solution.

“We use the best materials and triple check our work.”